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About Us


‘The Don Ojon Speaks’ is a Leadership and Youth Development Platform, created by the 2morrow Counts Media to motivate the largest percentage of our population to live their potentials.

2morrow counts media as the name suggests deploys many strategies in building a future for the youthful generation based on the use of media. So, the ‘Don Ojon Speaks’ is the umbrella body of these media intervention aimed at  building a new generation of impactful leaders,  redefining our value system and creating something worthwhile out of our seemingly nothing situation..

Activities of the organisation started in 2008 as Campaign for Patriotism. It was basically to raise quality people for the Nation by redirecting their minds towards the path of Patriotism and selfless services. The Campaign which kick started as a Community Development initiative under the National Youth Service Corps began in the garden city of Port Harcourt. This campaign spread from that point to three other States of Ondo, Oyo and Lagos.

For efficiency and broader intervention, we changed name but retained our major Campaign which has at that point reached many Schools and Colleges.

Later, we delved fully into Leadership and Youth Development through our special interventions and specialized programmes.

Our ‘Impact Class’ remains a widely accepted programme that is staged around the nation with focus on raising a generation of impact oriented people.



To invest maximally into the future of African Youth by exposing them to practical knowledge on Leadership, Character Development and Purpose Discovery.

To build a generation of purposeful leaders and engage in all round investment in activities that will make the future a better one for all.




Don Dotun Ojon, a graduate of Communication has wide experience in the Nigerian media dsc_8382-copyspace having worked with both radio and television, locally and internationally. He received trainings in Leadership, Management, Youth Development and Politics and has been a voice on both local and international media on affairs of the youth. He is the host of DON OJON SPEAKS, a youth development programme currently airing on Radio. He initiated the Campaign for Patriotism as his community development project under the NYSC and joined others to pioneer the United Nations Model Society in Nigeria. He teaches Leadership and initiated the Leadership for Students Initiative.

Don is an in-house Analyst on Radio Continental, Lagos. A world class Speaker and Writer, he loves new studies in Politics and currently works with others to bring more youths into governance in Africa.

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