DON OJON SPEAKS | Don Ojon Speaks
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Don Ojon Speaks


The Don Ojon Speaks’ is a Leadership and Youth Development Platform, created by the 2morrow Counts Media to motivate the largest percentage of our population to live their potentials.

2morrow counts media as the name suggests deploys many strategies in building a future for the youthful generation based on the use of media. So, the ‘Don Ojon Speaks’ is the umbrella body.


YoungLead is a 21st century compliant mentoring, motivation, media, youth and leadership development enterprise; built to charge lives and transform generation. The organization’s secret lies in its youthful and current approach to problem solving and strategy setting. YoungLead helps to develop leadership capacity and growth strategy for individuals and organizations; as it also supports individual to discover purpose and assists in potential development.
A transformational organization that inspires, motivates and mentors, YoungLead combines the principle of the past with the possibility of the present to achieve result.



Life is the sum total of our engagements, exposure, our experiments, our education, experience and our expectation. An efficient life is a life well managed; and without an adequate blueprint life is not worth it. We therefore help people identify the importance of their time, their resources and task and help them develop an outline that will put them in the driver’s seat of their lives and destinies. This is what the LIFE MANAGEMENT CLASS does.

Each Quarter, we identify an area which has a high demand for our service and visit to kick start a Life Management relationship that will see the beneficiaries engage with us for as long as they want, in the journey of efficient life management that always culminates into more productivity and prosperity.



Many people love money but only a few have mastered it. The fear of poverty most often is a product of lack of the skills required for proper money management. Those who have mastered the act of money live a better life of prosperity and certainty that those who cannot manage money efficiently. Our money mastery class is set up to therefore intervene in this all important aspect of human life and help people draw a money mastery plan that will help them stabilize their finance and open them up to opportunities that abound in money.

We specifically reach out to rural women, make an interest free loan available to them and coach them free for a period of thirty days; all free of charge.



One of the most successful business men was asked to give on secret of his exceeding great success. People wanted to hear something they have never heard before, something new, something only a few knew about, perhaps only the billionaires but his answer puzzled not a few. He simply mentioned ‘The Team’. His success does not only lie  with the choice of members of his team, but their continuous working in harmonious relationship; without this, organization’s  growth will be stunted and the march towards the goal will be a snail like one.

We have therefore designed this special intervention to help organization build an efficient team and make every team member understand how their role and act can speedily help organization grow and thus become a better person.

At the end of this training a Team Player’s Certificate (TPC) is awarded to participants.


The challenges facing people and organizations are evolving, our methods of tackling them must not be static. That is why we need to continue to learn and grow new methods to lead more efficiently, no matter the role we play where we are at the moment.  This training is therefore to sharpen our leadership ability and make us more efficiently valuable in our roles.

A Leadership Development Certificate will be issued in any of the areas below:-

  • LDC Leading a Team
  • LDC Growing as a Manager
  • LDC Leading a Community
  • LDC Leading a Youth Organization
  • LDC Self Discovery and Awareness

The business development training is to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of the people; giving out the right information and strategy for business growth. The programme is based on the 21st century approach to business and it has worked so perfectly for people who can engage the simple principles.

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