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PDPD – Purpose Discovery And Potential Development Class 

The greatest challenge we have in the world today is not war or crisis, it is rather in people complaining about the problems they are created to solve. When a people or nation lacks purpose they suffer pains. In our quarterly purpose discovery class, we help people to find out why they are born, we hold them in the hand to aim at purpose; and fire them with inner energy that will point them to the direction of destiny.

IMPACT CLASS – Improving Practically All You Care To

Life is a journey, and good life must be a journey up the hills. It is not usually an easy one, but the experience, environment and exposure at the hill tops are usually different – very fulfilling. While some cannot find their way up, several others have decided to live the mediocre life of the valley. You must be different, so we care to help you with unfailing secrets of becoming better in life and business; every day.

LEADaSHIP – Learning The Act Of Shaping Lives Through Service

The people inability to lead themselves has become a major disaster in the world today. Leaders have converted failure in their individual lives to a public one; LEADaSHIP is therefore built to build the principle of excellent self-leadership that translate into excellence public leadership. Transformational in principle, the programme emphasizes leading while mentoring or mentoring while leading.

YOUPOL – Youth And Police Connect

The need to use the youth to end crime by creating a solid relationship between them and the police birthed this idea. It is a programme that brings youth leaders together under a roof with the police authority to create an atmosphere of trust, that will by extension cure the city of crime.

YOU-GOVERN – Youth For Governance Initiative

The Youth for Governance initiative is aimed at developing leadership capacity in young people who are in government and those aspiring to be. We intend to end the era of accidental leadership by building deliberate people to take over determined position.