DON OJON SPEAKS | Team Members
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Team Members



img-20161201-wa0011-1GBENGA LAWRENCE OMOTUNDE


He heads the Youth for Governance Initiative (YOU-GOVERN). Larry Pope as he is fondly called started out as a Students Union leader, delved into the corporate world, worked with UAC Foods and GTb before establishing the CAP Investment. His greatest strength lies in his reliability and humility. He believes the hallmark of leadership is service.






img-20161201-wa0019FORTUNE OMOSOLA


He has the voice, the pose, the look and the brawn and brain of a general. In fact, he is called the general. Fortune, a graduate Mass Communication is a voice over artiste, Poet and writer. He co-drives the activities of the 2morrow counts International media with other members of the team






img-20161201-wa0017SOLA ADEBAYO

Sola is a rare gift when it comes to organisation and drive. She has been an Admin executive, a Liberian, an Information System executive and a Customer care personnel. She studied at City of Westminster College, London and Babcock University in Ogun State Nigeria. She is a volunteer Administrator who supervises the Leadership for Students Initiative.






img-20161201-wa0018OBI JOSEPH

Joseph is a young professional, growing in the business very fast. He has been involved in radio production, Public Relations and management. He, at the moment supports the team for its productions and other management tasks.







img-20161202-wa0000EBUKA ONYEMELUKWE aka GIGZ is a multi-dimensional professional, an in-depth OAP, and an upwardly mobile innovator. He drives the camera version of Don Ojon Speaks, a mentoring and leadership class.



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