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In the next ten years, you will perhaps be too old for the assignment you think you are too young for today. That means in between now and then, is a time called ‘THE ACTING PERIOD’. But if anyone fails to act at that time, then he will later re-act in the future, after some other people might have acted for him. You and I need to act now that we have the opportunity to do so.


If then you have the passion for growth, governance and good deed, here is where you belong but you have to be below forty five. Sorry about the age cap, but in actual fact, age has stopped being a mere number because it has become relevant in all aspect of our life. Our dream therefore is to help produce a 35year old governor and a 30 year old house of assembly member. We are thinking about more 25 year old commissioners, 20 year old Special assistants and a 40 year old President. Age is not formed to matter but events have made it matter.

If you know we can, then ……..JOIN US on this platform.




Larry Pope as he is fondly called started out as a Students Union leader, delved into the corporate img_20161203_101342world, worked with UAC Foods and GTb before establishing the CAP Investment. His greatest strength lies in his reliability and humility. He believes the hallmark of leadership is service.


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